The very thin fish.

Not Just Silver

The silver lookdown fish, or selene vomer, has many distinguishing characteristics. Though its primary color is silver, the lookdown fish has scales that shimmer blue in the bright waters in which they live. Known for being extremely thin, this fish is also referred to as the threadfin lookdown.

In the Wild

The lookdown fish primarily lives in the coastal waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean where they swim in shoals and feed on crustaceans and sometimes small fish. In the wild, lookdown fish use their high level eyesight to hunt primarily at dawn and dusk, taking advantage of their prey. Some lookdown fish will venture into reefs for food, but they primarily will stay on muddy or sandy ocean floors. Male and females are usually similar sizes, and when lookdown fish are ready to spawn, they will move offshore.

In the Tank

Since this marine fish can be quite large, up to 12 inches, lookdown fish require larger tanks of around 125 gallons or more. As predatory fish, they are not reef tank compatible, but instead, they need rock, coral, and plenty of living plants. Lookdown fish have a peaceful temperament and are easily adaptable to tank environments, so they are usually well-suited with other fish as long as they don’t see the other fish as prey. As tank fish, they should be fed hearty and meaty fish foods, and on occasion to suit their predatory instinct, they should have small crustaceans.

A Peaceful Addition

The threadfin lookdown is very thin, but its shape makes it quick and allows it to be an aggressive predator. With their silver-blue scales, these fish will be a peaceful and beautiful addition to any marine tank.

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