The Greatest Hobby

Nano saltwater tank, early days.

Aquarium Fish Keeping.

I have always been very passionate about fish keeping and learning all that I could about the hobby, over the years I have had many tanks and fish. There is something very cool about watching fish and creatures living in an environment that you have created and nurtured. They go about living life as they would in nature but you have a window to how they behave, eat, breed and interact with each other. From a young age, I was always fascinated by the hobby and would go to aquarium stores and pet shops to check out all their tanks.

My first tanks

My freshwater tanks contained bettas, goldfish, and guppies. As I learned more about fish keeping I moved up to silver dollars, tetras, and catfish. Eventuality having angelfish that bred in my tank it was a very exciting experience I covered to tank with newspapers so that they don’t get spooked and watched as the parent angels cared for their fry. I even filmed the whole event using a vhs-c camcorder I wish I still had the footage lol. I also had parrotfish and a gold severum that grew very large. Among my favorites were the pipefish, electric catfish, leaf fish, black ghost and Arowana. I also love using live plants in my tanks and began using them more after the angelfish bred.

My saltwater tanks

Finally, after years of keeping freshwater tanks, I moved to keeping saltwater fish and anemones. Wow it was a real rush to walk into am aquarium store and grab a bag of saltwater mix it may sound crazy but you need to understand I have been passing by these bags for many years waiting for the day I would actually set up a saltwater tank and need it. The day was finally here but the journey was a long one. Read how I setup my saltwater tank.

My Saltwater Tank: Simple Setup

Please follow me, your support is needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What Drives Me

My Mission

My mission is to never stop learning and sharing  my experiences and love of fish keeping

Love Thy reef




Anemones are beautiful living creatures.


Share your knowledge.

keep on dreaming

Dream big , often and follow your dreams.


Love all 

support each otheR

Inspire others to grow.

Corals are beautiful