Putting Fish In

My first fish. Two moca clownfish 

My Saltwater Aquarium : Putting Fish In

By Reef Ace

Before buying fish I tested my tanks water parameters , ph and temperature to make sure the water in my tank could accept fish.

Picking my fish.

Finally after waiting 6 weeks for the tank to cycle, I am ready to go. I visited several aquarium shops to see what fish and corals were available and asked a lot of questions. After researching many common fish, corals , invertebrates and other creatures and corals. I spotted a pair of small and very cool, moca clown fish at my local fish store (aka an LFS) and they came home with me , they weren’t cheap but not super expensive.


Whenever I buy fish there is an acclimation period before I can place them in the tank.

Step 1

I took a sample of the store water given to me with the fish out of the bag than I  floated the bag with the fish in my tank water for temperature acclimation, the bag while floating will reach my tank water temperature in about 20 mins. I did this because time I spent bringing my fish home from the store may have changed the water temperature in the bag so I needed bring it to my tank temperature of 78 degrees.

Step 2

I tested the water given to me by the fish store with the fish from the bag. I tested for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph. Most importantly I am testing for ammonia and ph to make sure the fish were kept in a healthy environment at the store.

Step 3

I water acclimated the fish by gradually changing the water in the bag to the water in my tank. In this process I added some water from my tank into the bag than removed the same amount of water out of the bag, I did this several times over 20 minute intervals to allow the fish to slowing acclimate to your tank water.


A quarantine tank is a small tank setup ( a few gallons ) that can be used to isolate and observe sick fish or new fish before placing them my main tank. This tank is a very simple setup with a heater, thermometer , filter and simple lighting. I used a small piece of plastic pipe they could use as a cave. No sand or rocks making it easy to remove the fish. 

I put my new fish in a smaller quarantine tank and observed them for 7-10 days, looking for signs of fish disease and parasites before placing them in my main tank.

I use the quarantine method because any fish, creature, or live rock can introduce disease and parasites into my tank and affect or kill my live stock. 

If my fish began to showed any signs of illness or died I would’ve return them to my aquarium store with a sample of my tanks water to show I have cared for the fish properly. Most aquarium stores would gladly accept the fish and replace it or issue me store credit. It is important to know the store policy and return instructions for live stock.

After the quarantine period and I observed that my fish were eating well, looking healthy and being active I moved them into my main tank and watch them take off to enjoy their new home.

So what is a clean up crew and why do I need them?

Animals such as snails, sea urchins, crustaceans, shrimps or crabs that will eat food that was uneaten by your fish, algae and detritus that may cause ammonia spikes or unwanted algae growth in your aquarium tank.

My fish are now enjoying their new home and I am enjoying my new aquarium. So how to do I maintain it ?  Follow me as I answer this question in my next article 

My Saltwater Aquarium :  Tank Maintenance.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide my personal experiences as I setup my saltwater aquarium tank for entertainment purposes only. I am not a professional in this field. I have gained my knowledge and methods as explained in this article by my own personal experiences and research. Before setting up an aquarium tank or following any of my methods please research, seek professional advice and decide for yourself if it is right for you.

Please follow me, your support is needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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