My Story

Nano tank early days.

Nano tank later days.

Clownfish in their anemone. Digital art by Reef Ace

Reef Ace


I hope you are having a great day, however if you’re not having such a great day i hope that I can make it a little bit better.

My comics are designed to make life a little better with humor, but thats not where it ends I share my knowledge and experiences about aquariums , fish keeping , unique humor and art in one big pot brewing for you to enjoy.


This website happened by accident, a good accident what I mean is that it was not something I was planning on creating it just kind of evolved. Let me fill you in…

How it happened.

I created a personal page on instagram to post with family and friends and started finding some pages on reef aquarium and fish keeping and started following them which renewed my long time love of fish keeping and the hobby. I soon build a nano reef of my own and I also began posting under the handle @Reef_ace I found great knowledge and people willing to share with me their experiences and I was hooked.

After a short time I began noticing that fish and reef creatures do funny things in the tank and would laugh with other reefers about it ( Reefer is a person that keeps a saltwater aquarium lol not the other thing ), so I decided to make another account and draw some comics to spread the love of the hobby and its humor, thats how @follow_this_fish on instagram and FollowThisFish. com were created.

Finally a little about me.

I have been drawing since I was a child . While attending junior high school I took some art courses and created a portfolio so I could attend the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan NY. I got accepted to Art & Design and studied art illustration, commercial art, and advertising. I also touched on photography and comics (who knew lol )

After graduation I moved in a different direction career wise, but I still continued my love and passion for art illustration and painting as a hobby. Freshwater fish keeping is also something that l enjoyed. I continued fish keeping for many years on and off. I have had many freshwater aquariums and fish. Some of the fish I kept were betta fish , file fish, black ghost, angel fish, guppies , tetras, etc and enjoyed them all.

Featured in many of my comics will be my 2 moca clownfish and six line wrasse fish I had living in my nano tank. However I will also create drawings of other fish as well as invertebrates and creatures of both freshwater and saltwater , stay tuned the fun is just beginning.

Currently I am keeping a pico reef tank of 2.5 gallons with a carpet anemone, a red fire shrimp and a few corals. I hope to write about it soon.

I hope to continue creating, learning , laughing and sharing with you and the wonderful fish keeping community on social media and I hope that you all join me.

Please follow me, your support is needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What Drives Me

My Mission

My mission is to never stop learning and sharing  my experiences and love of fish keeping

Love Thy reef




Anemones are beautiful living creatures.


Share your knowledge.

keep on dreaming

Dream big , often and follow your dreams.


Love all 

support each otheR

Inspire others to grow.

Corals are beautiful